Looking for Reliable Gas Safety Checks?

Any gas appliance or fitting in your home has the potential to produce carbon monoxide, which is an extremely poisonous gas. Whether the appliance is improperly fitted or poorly maintained, it poses a massive risk to your loved ones. The best way to ensure all your appliances are safe is to have regular gas safety checks. As Gas Safe engineers in Birmingham, we offer regular gas safety checks where we inspect all gas fittings and appliances in your home to ensure they are working efficiently and not posing a health risk to your family.

Gas safety checks

Our Services:

  • Gas safety checks
  • Visual inspection of pipework
  • Check gas safety devices
  • Check flues, chimneys, and vents
  • Test all gas appliances

What are the risks of unsafe gas appliances?

There are three significant risks that unsafe gas appliances can pose:

  • Gas leaks – If you can smell gas in your home, there is a gas leak somewhere and you need immediate assistance. A gas safety check will spot any leaks by inspecting pipework to make sure this isn’t a risk in your home.
  • Fires and explosions – Gas leaks can lead to fires or even explosions if left unchecked. A gas safety check will ensure that none of your appliances are a fire risk and take immediate remedial action if they are.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning – this can cause severe illness and even death if left undetected. Because you can’t smell or taste CO gas, it’s vital to have regular gas safety checks to detect this immediately.

What is a gas safety check?

Our Gas Safe engineers will come to your property to test and inspect all gas appliances, fittings, and pipework for issues. This will ensure that all appliances are working efficiently and burning gas correctly, are suitably located, and all fittings are secure.

Your engineer will also ensure:

  • There is adequate air supply for the appliance
  • All safety devices (such as CO detectors) are functioning
  • Any flues, chimneys and air vents are clear and operating correctly
  • Visually inspect pipework for cracks or leaks where possible
  • Test the gas pipework to spot any leaks

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